Summer Fun Recycling

While many of us have set up great recycling stations in our homes, summer travels and events may have us wondering how to keep our recycling out of the trash bins elsewhere.

If you are hosting an event like a summer barbeque, block party, even a wedding, there are many options for bringing recycling to your event. A small event can be served by simple brown grocery bags or recycling bins placed near the trash cans. When hosting a larger event, consider borrowing or renting recycling bins (contact your county or city recycling coordinator for options in your area).

Another big challenge for summer recycling is what to do while you’re actually on the road. Some parks, rest stops, or other public places have recycling receptacles, but unless you already know they will be there, consider packing an extra bag for your empty soda cans and water bottles, then hang onto it until you get to recycling bins.

Recycling while away from home can become tricky, but a little planning can go a long way towards recycling materials instead of trashing them.

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Keep Carrollton Beautiful’s Adopt-A-Spot program provides local businesses, civic organizations and other groups the opportunity to make an impact on the cleanliness and appearance of our community. By accepting the responsibility and leadership of the adopted “spot”, the group is not only increasing awareness of litter issues and the impact of beautification efforts, but is also publicly demonstrating a positive behavior of local pride and ownership of Carrollton.

All across the country, similar litter reduction campaigns have been implemented and proven to be very successful. Some of the advantages gained are: reducing the cost of litter removal, advertising and team building, instilling community pride and awareness, beautifying, and allowing City maintenance crews to perform other needed tasks.

Adopt-A-Spot is a voluntary program to involve citizens in maintaining and beautifying Carrollton. Anyone may participate by volunteering to Adopt-A-Spot in Carrollton and pledging to maintain it for one year or longer. Any “spot” (with the exception of medians) within the city limits not currently maintained, may be adopted, with special attention to those places that appear neglected.

Follow these steps to Adopt-Your-Spot:

Select a spot appropriate to the capabilities and size of your group, either we can provide a location or where you see the greatest need or close to your physical location.
Maintain your “spot” for a minimum commitment of one year; cleaning it at least once a quarter with one cleanup date falling on the Great American Cleanup of that year
Submit periodic photos of your group with your sign to reflect your group maintaining the “spot”.

Email with your contact information and desired location.

We look forward to joining with you to make Carrollton litter free.